Dual Citizenship - Citizenship Jure Sanguinis

** Requirement and requested documents may change, please always refer to the page of the Italian General Consulate in New York

You are just 3 steps away from learning if you qualify for Italian Dual Citizenship jure sanguinis!

Select the relationship between you and your Italian Ancestor born in Italy and learn if you qualify *

In order to determine whether or not you qualify through this situation, you will need to know (or find out):

  • The year of birth of every family member that is in the direct line between you and your Italian Ancestor who was born in Italy
  • The year when your Ancestor who was born in Italy and migrated to your country and/if they became a naturalized citizen of your country

* For more information check out the Consolato Generale d'Italia New York

* Notary Service available.

*Please Note:
If you are a citizen of the United States Italian citizenship jure sanguinis will not affect your current citizenship.
Article 1 of Law n.91/1992, reaffirms the principle of "jure sanguinis" (continuity of blood)

Dual citizenship is allowed for Italian citizens who acquire or reacquire another citizenship after August 15, 1992.
However, due notification of any (re) acquisition must be given to your local civil records office no later than three months after its occurrence. Italian citizens who reside abroad are required to notify the Consular Office with jurisdiction over their place of residence with the following documents:
1. Your Italian passport;
2. Your Foreign naturalization certificate;
3. Your Driver's licence (or other photo identification document) issued from your place of residence.
Please Note: Starting on January 23, 2001 Italian citizens who acquire a foreign citizenship can also, according to art. 24 of Law n.91 of 5/2/1992, send a self-executed declaration to the Embassy by postal mail. The self-executed declaration must be sent with a copy of a valid form of identification (example: a valid passport) and a copy of the naturalization certificate.
Starting on March 31, 2001 Italian citizens who acquire a foreign citizenship no longer need to notify Italian authorities. All those who acquired a foreign citizenship before March 31, 2001 do still need to comply with previous requirements.