(Italian Class Reviews & Italian Event Reviews)

Jessica DiPiazza reviewed Speakitaly NYC — 5 star
Raffi is a wonderful Italian teacher. She is extremely patient and always has a positive and upbreat attitude. She makes you feel extremely comfortable reading out loud and writing even if you're a beginner. I've enjoyed all of my lessons with her and look forward to continuing my practice of the language. ​

Peter Pawlick reviewed Speakitaly NYC — 5 star
Working with Raffaella has been a great way for me to kickstart my Italian. We met at a coffee shop near my office two mornings a week. Lessons were fun and casual while following a progression that made sense to me. As we built up a foundation through workbook exercises, we practiced with readings and informal writing assignments. Hope to be able to continue working with her in the future.

Heather Ashley Hager reviewed Speakitaly NYC — 5 star 
Raffaella , the instructor and founder of Speakitaly, is a terrific teacher who, in addition to Italian lessons, offers an opportunity to join a vibrant community of Italian speakers ( all levels) to speak Italian and enjoy Italian food together. Viva Speakitaly and viva Italia ! ​

Laura Hooker reviewed Speakitaly NYC — 5 star
I always look forward to my lessons with Raffaella. She is a wonderful teacher that makes learning Italian fun yet focused. She has tailored my lesson plan personally for my area of interests and industry. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to learn the Italian language and more about the Italian culture. ​

Heather C. reviewed Speakitaly NYC — 5 star
Perfect situation!
"Raffaella is a wonderful, enthusiastic teacher who keeps my 8 year old interested in learning Italian. I highly recommend her!"

Delia Selby reviewed Speakitaly NYC — 5 star
Raffaella is an exceptional tutor. In one hour I read aloud, summarize in Italian what I have read and written for homework, and review grammar such as verb forms. Meanwhile she is attentive to new vocabulary. She makes learning fun!

Lewis P. reviewed Speakitaly NYC — 5 star
"Extremely relaxing teaching style yet extremely professional techniques. So happy with choosing Raffaella!"

Frank C. reviewed Speakitaly NYC — 5 star
"We worked on the Italian alphabet and my pronunciation - the basics, which is what I need right now. Am not sure there could have been any improvement. Raffaella is dedicated and enjoys teaching which shows and is a motivating force for me."

Alexandra R. reviewed Speakitaly NYC — 5 star
"Raffaella is a fantastic Italian teacher. As someone who quite typically feels nervous learning a foreign language, Raffaella made me feel very at ease and learning Italian actually became a fun thing to do, rather than a torturous embarrassment, which was how languages felt when I was at high school! Her approach to teaching is different from what I was used to, and made me feel more confident and engaged than I had expected. I highly recommend her."

Maria W. reviewed Speakitaly NYC — 5 star
"Raffaella is a wonderful Italian teacher who tailors the class to fit your needs. She is also pretty, funny, fun to share conversation with and her English is excellent. I have been working with her for about two years now and am reading very fluently and understanding very well. I highly recommend her as a teacher.