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Elizabeth Whitaker reviewed Speakitaly NYC — 5 star
I had some documents translated by Raffaele and was extremely happy with the results. She was quick, her prices are great, and the workers at the consulate went over the translations extremely carefully and said they were perfect. Can’t recommend her enough!

Joseph Riotta reviewed Speakitaly NYC — 5 star
Working with Raffaella was such a pleasure...she's so thorough, professional, super nice and super patient. Highly recommend

Lina bertucci reviewed Speakitaly NYC — 5 star
Raffaella is a pleasure to work with— super professional, easy going and friendly. Recommeded by the Italian Consulate as one of the professional translators on their website, Raffaella was very punctual in translating the documents I needed. She even triple checked one sentenced that was hard to read and got the job done with precision. I would highly recommend her and Speakitaly.

Gerry Chillè reviewed Speakitaly NYC — 5 star
Raffaella at Speakitaly is a consumate professional and overall awesome person to work with. She was extremely flexible and helpful in helping translate and mail documents despite many changes that needed to happen at the last minute. Highly recommended for any needs.

Frederick Giordano reviewed Speakitaly NYC — 5 star
Raffaella is fantastic! She’s patient and the pace of the class is perfect. I learned a lot and continue to take more classes. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to learn Italian.

J Woody reviewed Speakitaly NYC — 5 star
We loved working with Speakitaly. They provided for lessons for our son as well as translation work. Flavia, our son's teacher, is a wonderful person and very good instructor for children. She taught him a lot very quickly and liked her very much. We highly recommend her and the whole company for any Italian service you may need.

Joseph Turpin reviewed Speakitaly NYC — 5 star
Great experience.Located right off the subway for your convenience.Raffaella was very helpful and has a lot of experience.She answered all my questions patiently.Raffaella quickly translated and mailed out my documents knowing, how quickly I needed them legalised by the consulate.I highly recommend her.

Adrian Falcone reviewed Speakitaly NYC — 5 star
I needed some documents translated from English for the Italian Consulate, so I contacted Raffaella. She answered me almost immediately, and offered a very reasonable price for the translation. She then completed the work very quickly. I will definitely hire her again to translate more of my documents, and would also recommend her to anyone needing the same.

Nick Giambruno reviewed Speakitaly NYC — 5 star
Raffaella did a great job with a very fast turnaround. Would use her services again and recommend to others.

Elena Votto reviewed Speakitaly NYC — 5 star
Raffaella did a great job with the translations!! She also let me know which documents I needed to prepare prior to getting them translated. Great experience!

Joe Spagg reviewed Speakitaly NYC — 4 star
The teacher is very good and she takes the time to patiently help individual students who need the assistance. Being a native Italian, her vocabulary and usage are impeccable and she has enough knowledge of the language to explain why certain rules or pronunciations exist. Her knowledge of English is also very advanced so that she can explain equally well in either language. As for the class, the structure and content are fairly good, however, the take-home notes and exercises are insufficient. Having a text book to follow with weekly assignments would have been a huge help and I would've been willing to pay additional for the book.

Jeanette Casciana reviewed Speakitaly NYC — 5 star
Raffaele deserves 10 stars not 5. I only gave her my papers this morning and she translated them on the same day. She is really an asset to Speakitaly NYC. I didn't expect them so fast. Brava!!!! Thank you so much. I will surely recommend you and your services any time to my friends and will certainly use you again if needed. Jeanette Nicosia

Susan Leibowitz reviewed Speakitaly NYC — 5 star
Wonderful teacher, wonderful experience. Highly recommend! Molto Bene!

Dafna Tchetchik reviewed Speakitaly NYC — 5 star
I contacted Raffaella for help in translating documents for the Italian embassy. She was very nice, super quick and professional.

Angela Narloch reviewed Speakitaly NYC — 5 star
I hired Raffaella to translate some official documents for me into Italian. She is efficient and responsive. She quotes and completes the work quickly and thoroughly. It's been a great experience.

Danilo Gonzalez reviewed Speakitaly NYC — 5 star
I contacted Raffaella to translate some documents I needed; because I was having a destination wedding in Italy. She gave me advice and helped me get all of my documents in order for the Italian Consulate in New York. She was absolutely amazing in translating the documents in a timely fashion witch assisted me in the process with the Italian authorities. I highly recommend her if you need translating official documents!

Kristen Saggese reviewed Speakitaly NYC — 5 star
Raffaella is an excellent Italian teacher/tutor. She knows how to teach at your current level without being afraid to push you to advance. Her lessons are well organized. I would highly recommend her, my conversational skills and confidence have significantly improved since I started my lessons.

Maria Mastrota reviewed Speakitaly NYC — 5 star
My friends and I had a most enjoyable evening and learned a lot about wine from Tuscany. The evening was well organized while being informal and lots of fun. We are looking forward to attending future wine tastings!

Gregory Pitaro reviewed Speakitaly NYC — 5 star
Raffaella is a really great tutor. Made me feel comfortable speaking and kept our topics of conversation interesting. Helpful, organized, and enjoyable. I highly recommend her.

Dea Rodiqi reviewed Speakitaly NYC — 5 star
I contacted Raffaella to translate some documents I needed to enroll for my Masters in Italy as well helping me with handing in those documents at the Italian Consulate in New York while I was abroad. She was absolutely amazing in translating the documents as well as contacting the Italian authorities. I highly recommend her if you need translating official documents!

Mary van Valkenburg reviewed Speakitaly NYC — 5 star
Raffaella is a superb language teacher. Not only highly skilled, she is quick, vibrant, and fun. She keeps everyone engaged so the time flies by, and she knows how to get students comfortable speaking Italian right away. Also, she speaks Italian in such a way that we can all understand her. She always seems to know what's most important for the students' success.

Irene Cioffi Whitfield reviewed Speakitaly NYC — 5 star
Raffaella of Speakitaly NYC is an expert translator who handled all the documents for my Italian citizenship application. This included translating all the documents, sending and retrieving them from the Italian Consulate in NYC, and communicating with my Italian and US lawyers. Raffaella worked very swiftly, her rates are reasonable and her attitude to her clients and the service she provides first rate.

Katie Phelan reviewed Speakitaly NYC — 5 star
Wonderful experience at Raffa's new venture, Speakitaly. Really folks, she is the one who the Italian government hires to update and review the language courses! She is focused on unlocking your language potential and has enough experience to know what to skip and what to focus on, all in the service of your goals. If you are serious, she is the one for you. I was looking for a teacher who was born in Milan and who would kick my butt, found it! You should too....

Timothy Madrid reviewed Speakitaly NYC — 5 star
A cross between a structured curriculum and your own interests, you can learn Italian while having some fun doing so. Likewise, Raffaella is both an active teacher and casual conversationalist. You will discuss things that are actually pertinent—in America and Italy—just in Italian.

Viv Cora reviewed Speakitaly NYC — 5 star
Raffy is a very caring instructor, my Italian has improved so much since I started studying with Raffy!

Timothy DiGiulio reviewed Speakitaly NYC — 5 star
She is so great at getting you to learn Italian without it really feeling like a chore. Very flexible and responsive.

Lucy Taylor reviewed Speakitaly NYC — 5 star
Raffaella is a lovely teacher, approachable and flexible. She is a very good instructor if you are wanting to really know the basics of Italian grammar, but also the language you will need on vacation

Katherine Belfiore reviewed Speakitaly NYC — 5 star
Raffaella is a wonderful teacher. She helps create a ciriculum based on your needs and skill level. She makes sure you have the foundation you need to move on to future levels, before you attempt to do so. She is very patient, but makes you work for your answers, which in turn makes you a better speaker. She challenges her students to advance, and does not skip the hard things. Highly recommend!!!

Eva Fexy reviewed Speakitaly NYC — 5 star
Amazing!! I learned so much before I left for my year in Italy and continue to learn so much after. We watch italian soap operas, cook many italian meals, and of course study grammar. So fun!

Anand Saha reviewed Speakitaly NYC — 5 star
she is great!!

Warren Tye reviewed Speakitaly NYC — 5 star
Raffaella is a wonderful teacher. She is very patient and sweet. My wife is Italian and I wanted to learn so I could speak with her family. With her help I feel very comfortable and confident when I go to Italy and speak in Italian all day! Buona fortuna

Henrique Scarmagnan reviewed Speakitaly NYC — 5 star
Raffy is an awsome teacher! Very skilled and competent in making you understand, even if at first you didn't. I sure recommend SpeakItaly in NYC

C. Buchanan reviewed Speakitaly NYC — 4 star
Amazing, patient and great teacher!!!

Jennifer Peterson reviewed Speakitaly NYC — 5 star
Raffaela at Speak Italy is the best teacher!! She makes italian lessons fun and easy! i would recommend her to anyone looking for lessons in NYC!

Eddie Rivoldi reviewed Speakitaly NYC — 5 star
Before starting my lessons with Raffy, I just knew a few basic Italian words and expressions. After a year of weekly lessons, I can pretty much read anything in Italian and understand it. I also can hold my own in a conversation. She’s a great teacher with a knack for explaining complicated stuff in a simple way. Best thing is she’s conversational, so you get to talk in Italian. And to that point, you start to develop an ear for it too. She's very patient and very flexible with her schedule. Often my work would get in the way, and she would always accommodate. Classes always are fun and can range from reading, to grammatical, to purely conversational, but she ties it all together. I loved reading articles for homework. I would highly recommend Raffy!

Mikaela Z. Lessnau reviewed Speakitaly NYC — 5 star
I've known Raffaella for 11 years now, and she is nothing short of a great teacher and older sister to me. She's patient with me and makes my lessons fun, and I could not be at the level I am in Italian without her help.

Lewis Paffile reviewed Speakitaly NYC — 5 star
Raffy's sessions were terrific! She has a knack for taking structured lessons and presenting them in a "real world" scenario that makes it so much easier to absorb. She has all the knowledge and methodologies you'd want from a teacher, but with the unique ability to present it in a way that feels more "cafe" than classroom. Highly recommended!

Nevena Joksimovic reviewed Speakitaly NYC — 5 star
10 STARS for Speakitaly concept and vision, for there's no better way to learn foreign language than through interactive and integrated approach and practice, like maestra Raffy do it. Spiced with a touch of irresistible Italian humor.

Rich Previte reviewed Speakitaly NYC — 4 star
I've been taking lessons with Raffy for five months. I stick to the easy readings but they all make a lot of sense to me now! I've always looked Italian, but now when an Italian meets me I actually sound a little like an Italian too!

Gina Pellegrini reviewed Speakitaly NYC — 5 star
Rafaella at Speak Italy NYC is the best Italian teacher I have ever had! When you find a person like this you feel really lucky. I have studied Italian for several years on and off, but now want to learn the language and to speak correctly. Rafaella understood what I was looking for and, after evaluating my Italian, structured the conversations/lessons to my level. She makes you feel so good and confident even when you make mistakes. She is competent, cultivated, professional, kind and, most importantly, fun. I already adore the Italian language and with Rafaella, I love it even more.

Deborah Needleman reviewed Speakitaly NYC — 5 star
Excellent teacher. My grammar and conversation skills have improved considerably working with Raffaella. The weekly lessons are bringing my Italian to the level I've always hoped it could reach.

Sasha LoPresti reviewed Speakitaly NYC — 5 star
SpeakItaly NYC is the best! Raffaella, the instructor goes above and beyond, planning all kinds of fun events that not only allow you to practice your Italian skills, but also learn about Italian culture and food. She's also an amazing and patient instructor. Working with her improved my Italian tremendously!

TMP reviewed Speakitaly NYC — 5 star
I am an early advanced adult student who could not find the right Italian language school. I tried a private teacher through Meetup, a visiting graduate student through Craigslist, a retiree through Thumbtack, and a group class setting at WeWork before finding Raffy. These teachers either treated me like a number, had returned to Italy, were inconveniently located, or could not offer the level I needed. I was initially turned off by Raffy's busy schedule and her frequent messaging, but I decided to try my luck. What I first thought was perhaps disorganization, I now understand to be an incredible ability to manage a wide range of Italian language lessons, cooking classes, wine tastings, dinner competitions, brunches, etc....all coordinated by herself, for her students. We meet weekly or bi-weekly for an hour at a cafe convenient for both of us, and we spend about 30 minutes in conversation followed by 30 minutes of grammar, writing, or reading. Raffy is fair with our time and has always given me the full 60 minutes, even talking to me after our class. She is creative and resourceful in assigning homework, coming up with an interesting article or topic relevant to our conversation right on the spot. What stands out to me however, is that Raffy is a pleasure to talk to. No topic is off-limits, so I am able to learn to talk about everything in a natural way. Because we end up talking about so many things, it feels like Raffy has become a friend. I've now been taking lessons with her for almost a year, and I would highly recommend it.

Lila Kay reviewed Speakitaly NYC — 5 star
Speakitaly is the go-to place for all things Italian. The proprietor, Raffaella, held a class in fresh pasta making where we all made our own pasta together. After class, I went home at ate it all! It was delicious. But not just Italian cooking, Raffaella has language instruction, Italian wine tastings and parties. If you want to learn Italian or experience Italian cultural events or if you want to meet Italians, Speakitaly is the only place to go! When she takes a tour group to Italy, I will be the first to sign up.

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Jessica DiPiazza reviewed Speakitaly NYC — 5 star
Raffi is a wonderful Italian teacher. She is extremely patient and always has a positive and upbreat attitude. She makes you feel extremely comfortable reading out loud and writing even if you're a beginner. I've enjoyed all of my lessons with her and look forward to continuing my practice of the language.

Peter Pawlick reviewed Speakitaly NYC — 5 star
Working with Raffaella has been a great way for me to kickstart my Italian. We met at a coffee shop near my office two mornings a week. Lessons were fun and casual while following a progression that made sense to me. As we built up a foundation through workbook exercises, we practiced with readings and informal writing assignments. Hope to be able to continue working with her in the future.

Heather Ashley Hager reviewed Speakitaly NYC — 5 star 
Raffaella , the instructor and founder of Speakitaly, is a terrific teacher who, in addition to Italian lessons, offers an opportunity to join a vibrant community of Italian speakers ( all levels) to speak Italian and enjoy Italian food together. Viva Speakitaly and viva Italia ! ​

Laura Hooker reviewed Speakitaly NYC — 5 star
I always look forward to my lessons with Raffaella. She is a wonderful teacher that makes learning Italian fun yet focused. She has tailored my lesson plan personally for my area of interests and industry. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to learn the Italian language and more about the Italian culture. ​

Heather C. reviewed Speakitaly NYC — 5 star
Perfect situation!
"Raffaella is a wonderful, enthusiastic teacher who keeps my 8 year old interested in learning Italian. I highly recommend her!"

Delia Selby reviewed Speakitaly NYC — 5 star
Raffaella is an exceptional tutor. In one hour I read aloud, summarize in Italian what I have read and written for homework, and review grammar such as verb forms. Meanwhile she is attentive to new vocabulary. She makes learning fun!

Lewis P. reviewed Speakitaly NYC — 5 star
"Extremely relaxing teaching style yet extremely professional techniques. So happy with choosing Raffaella!"

Frank C. reviewed Speakitaly NYC — 5 star
"We worked on the Italian alphabet and my pronunciation - the basics, which is what I need right now. Am not sure there could have been any improvement. Raffaella is dedicated and enjoys teaching which shows and is a motivating force for me."

Alexandra R. reviewed Speakitaly NYC — 5 star
"Raffaella is a fantastic Italian teacher. As someone who quite typically feels nervous learning a foreign language, Raffaella made me feel very at ease and learning Italian actually became a fun thing to do, rather than a torturous embarrassment, which was how languages felt when I was at high school! Her approach to teaching is different from what I was used to, and made me feel more confident and engaged than I had expected. I highly recommend her."

Maria W. reviewed Speakitaly NYC — 5 star
"Raffaella is a wonderful Italian teacher who tailors the class to fit your needs. She is also pretty, funny, fun to share conversation with and her English is excellent. I have been working with her for about two years now and am reading very fluently and understanding very well. I highly recommend her as a teacher.