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MEET SOLE: She is One Of Our Italian Instructors!

August 4, 2017


MEET SOLE, she was fortunate enough to grow up moving between the beautiful city of Bologna, in Emilia-Romagna, and the little beach town of Santa Cruz, California.

She has been speaking, learning, conversing in both Italian and English since she was born!

Sole moved to Brooklyn in January of 2016, just before the biggest blizzard on record. After living in San Francisco for over a decade she decided it was time for a change so she ventured to the city that never sleeps!

When asked, What her favorite thing about NYC was, her response was,

NYC is such an international city, I love how many different languages I hear everyday.

Usually when friends and family from Italy visit her in NYC she takes them to Eataly. She says, "We Italians are very interested in how other Italians eat around the world!". She also takes them across the Brooklyn Bridge because the NYC skyline is so impressive and would be a shame to miss if you're in the area.

Her advice to all of her students, or anyone wanting to learn Italian, or really any new language is, Do your homework! Language-learning requires daily practice, even just ten or fifteen minutes a day will help. She also sugggests, watching TV and movies, listen to the radio, reading Italian books, newspapers or websites; do anything you can to add a little bit of Italian into your everyday routines.

When asked, Why teach Italian?, she said,

I have been teaching for over a decade, to students of all ages and skill sets, from toddlers to university students to elder retirees. Teaching is a wonderfully collective activity and it allows me to engage with a range of topics, from cinema to art, history, literature and politics. Students of Italian learn not just the language but also the culture and history of Italy.

She started to connect with Raffaella (Speakitaly NYC's director) through a network for Italian instructors in the United States, it didn't take long for the two to realize the opportunities they could share with Italian learners.

When asked what she would tell someone from NYC about to trip to Italy, her response was,

Try to adjust your eating habits to the Italian clock. Many Americans are accustomed to snacking during the day and having a big dinner while Italians typically have a big lunch and a light dinner with no snacking during the day.

Sole's most favorite Italian dish by far is a good bowl of tortellini, she says, 'It's the most comforting thing in the world and so fun to make!'.

When thinking about Italy she misses most the food and the tiled rooftops, and where she is still relatively new to New York City she does not believe she has yet found the hidden treasure for the best authentic Italian food in the city, but while she continues her search, she has become a happy regular at Eataly for aperitivo and groceries, and Saraghina for pizza.

When asked where she we go in Italy and why, her response was,

Other than my beautiful Bologna?! I would go to the southern coast of Sicily and visit the fish market in Catania, the beaches of Siracusa and the ancient amphitheater of Taormina.