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January 2 - 19, 2018
One Semester of Credit in 3 Weeks!

September 25, 2017

Study in Italy

Study in Italy offers a Winter Program from January 2 to January 19, 2018 in Genoa, Italy in which students can complete a semester of study in just 3 weeks. Whether it is Beginning Italian (1st or 2nd semester) or Intermediate Italian (3rd or 4th semester), this intercession program allows students to advance in the progression of language courses during Winter Break. This course is perfect for students who wish to continue their study of Italian, but who may have scheduling conflicts.

The course is comprised of 60 hours of instruction and includes excursions and cultural activities. Lessons run from Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. with afternoons dedicated to excursions or free time for an authentic, full-immersion experience.

Students cover the program of an entire semester of Italian language in just three weeks. Students who did not manage to take first semester Italian during the Fall semester can thus recuperate and go directly into 2nd/4th semester Italian in the Spring semester. For more advanced students, Study in Italy uses task-based learning combined with an intro to culture.

Course fee: 1390 euros Package includes: welcome and farewell dinners; orientation tour; an evening at the opera; an excursion to Camogli; an excursion to Portofino; guided visit to Palazzo Reale. Fee does not include airfare, lodging, lunches or dinners. Study in Italy will assist participants in finding suitable lodging by responding to individual needs. All accommodations are located in the center of Genoa and within proximity of the Study in Italy Language Center in Palazzo Ducale.

Genoa is a particularly charming location, offering a wide variety of cultural events in January, as well as proximity to some of Italy’s most stunning coastline, the Italian Riviera, and the lovely Cinque Terre. Genoa has the largest Medieval quarter in Europe and offers an authentic context, as it remains ‘off the beaten path’ of mass tourism. Study in Italy is located in Palazzo Ducale, the heart of the center.

Study in Italy’s director, Suzanne Branciforte (B.A. Harvard, M.A. and Ph.D. UCLA) is the author of Parliamo italiano! as well as introductory Italian text Sì, lo so!. All the teachers at Study in Italy are specially trained in the teaching of Italian to foreigners and possess specific degrees and qualifications.

Request further info: info@studyinitaly.it

Buon lavoro!