(Themed Italian Classes)

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The goal of the course is to help teach students the key vocabulary and phrases needed to get them through traveling and daily Italian life successfully, before they arrive to Italy.

We will be guiding the students through the main etiquette, conversations and customs; such as, introducing yourself, asking for directions, being at the train station/airport, dining in restaurants/cafés, going to the beach and anything else necessary before their trip.

*We will also be dedicating one full class to answering student specific questions.
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The course is based on practical and theoretical lessons . During each lesson the students prepare a new recipe from the tradition of genuine simplicity of Italian cuisine. At the beginning of each lesson the teacher explains the recipe of the day, explains and gives valuable hints and tips. This class is organized in such a way that the students can experience with their own hands the way of cooking in the Italian style.

Class is held in English or Italian.
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If you’re thinking of travelling to Italy, want to gain a basic understanding of the language or simply have an interest in Europe’s finest culture, then you’re in the right place.

Even if you’ve never before spoken a word of Italian, We won't teach you any exhaustive grammar or useless vocabulary. Only the important things - the ones that really matter in common situation such as at the restaurant, while walking around, at the train station etc.


Book, Cappuccino and Cornetto. Chapters will be provided before the meeting.


We provide customized study paths that suit any need. We create flexible programs aimed at providing the best curriculum to succeed in your goal. This program is an individual course ad hoc for you and your teams’ linguistic needs.