SPEAKITALY NYC - On Demand Classes (rev. 1/2022)



1) Private classes on demand are a monthly subscription to online ONLY private lessons that are customized for your learning goals and taught by one of our instructors. 

2) The monthly subscription gives you access to 1, 4, or hours of private online lessons per billing cycle, as well as all the material needed. Your subscription will auto-renew every billing cycle. 

3) A billing cycle is defined as the time between the end of one billing date to the next billing date.  You’ll have an “anchor date”, which is the day that your first subscription or package purchase was made. Your subscription is renewed on every anchor date of a new month. 

For example, if you purchased your monthly subscription on January 15th, your subsequent charges will be made every month on the 15th. 

4) Monthly subscription hours do not roll over and must be used within the billing cycle month so be sure to use up all your hours in any given month. You can upgrade or downgrade your plan within 48 hours from your next billing cycle.

5) Your commitment is monthly and you can cancel your subscription any time before your next billing date by emailing us at info@speakitalynyc.com. No refund will be allowed for missed classes during a billing cycle.6) Classes must be booked within 48 hours from the class date by emailing us at info@spesakitalynyc.com.

6) Choice of the instructor for your class is not permitted. You will be assigned the first instructor available for the day/time you chose. Please note, classes for On-Demand plans are available only MON-FRI 10AM-5PM

7) NO refund is allowed in any circumstance.

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