A1 Levels

You have never studied Italian or you know the basics up to the Present Tense. We will be teaching you how to communicate and exchange information in a simple way.

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LEVEL A1.1 (Absolute Beginner)

Mondays 6PM-8PM | starts Jan 18 Sign up now

Tuesdays 12PM-2PM | starts Jan 19 Sign up now

Thursdays 9:30AM-11:30PM | starts Jan 21 (IN PERSON) Sign up now

Wednesdays 10AM-12PM | starts Feb 3 Sign up now

Tuesdays 6:30PM-8:30PM | starts Feb 9 Sign up now

Thursdays 5:30PM-7PM | starts Feb 11 Sign up now

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LEVEL A1.2 (Absolute Beginner Practice)

Mondays 7PM-9PM | starts Jan 4 Sign up now

Fridays 12PM-2PM | starts Jan 8 Sign up now

Tuesdays 7PM-9PM | starts Jan 26 Sign up now

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LEVEL A1.3 (Beginner)

Thursdays 12PM-2PM | starts Jan 7 Sign up now

Thursdays 5PM-7PM | contact us to join

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LEVEL A1.4 (Beginner Practice)

Wednesdays 7PM-9PM | starts Feb 17 Sign up now

Mondays 12PM-2PM | contact us to join

Thursdays 10AM-12PM | contact us to join

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