Italian Immersion Afternoon Program| Age 6-12

Our new Italian Immersion Afternoon Program is meant to be the perfect mix of education and fun. You can choose between 1h30 to 3-hour sessions, 3 to 5 days a week. This program is open to children with all types of Italian Language backgrounds, for children age 6 to 12.

The Spring semester will run for 19 weeks, starting JANUARY 25 through JUNE 15

Every day your kids will learn Italian through different projects such as educational games, music, art & crafts, TPR (Total Physical Response) activities, and more. We will also dedicate time exploring geography through art, virtual tours of important museums, and history. We also offer a weekly Italian Cooking Class that you can’t miss!

We believe that it is important to give kids the chance to learn another language by developing their creativity and imagination. This way, every activity will be more fun, engaging your child in any possible way.



Our teaching method is anchored in the Common European Framework of Reference and is driven by an educational method that is the result of a decade of experience in the field. The program is designed to actively involve our little students using a wide variety of learning tools to ensure the children are engaged and learning through discovery and creativity.


We encourage to experiment with the Italian language through a wide range of engaging activities and start speaking Italian in a very natural way through a multi-sensory and interactive approach. Everything is introduced gradually to meet all children’s needs.


Art & Craft | Mondays 4PM-5:30PM

This course will offers a variety of activities that your kids will love: they will be able to learn Italian through different kind of art projects and paintings. 

Science | Tuesdays 4PM-5:30PM

Children are naturally curious and interested in learning about the world and how things work. Learning science is fundamental to develop critical thinking, and this class will help kids learn about basic scientific principles that can be applied to everyday life. Through games, experiments, and activities that combine art and science, kids will learn fun facts about the solar system, basic chemical reactions, and how the human body works.

Art & History | Wednesdays 4PM-5:30PM

The art and history classes mix Art that is fun and enjoyable along with fun history activities. The combination of the two subjects gives students the opportunity to recreate some of the worlds finest moments while adding their personal touch of color. 

Nutrition Education | Thursdays 4PM-5:30PM

This class, developed in collaboration with a nutritionist, will help kids improve their nutritional knowledge, while having fun. Through strategic programs involving games, interactive learning, and group activities, children will learn basic principles that will help them develop them healthy eating habits. Engaging activities will be used to teach kids about different food groups, how to assemble a meal using food guidance systems like MyPlate and the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Kids will have the opportunity to learn how food originates, how it is stored, and transformed. Children, who are very curious to learn about food, will acquire information and skills that will bring home, influencing the dietary pattern of the entire family.

Art & Geo | Fridays 4PM-5:30PM

With basic art materials, and using their imagination your kids will have the chance to travel to Italy and learn about the regions of the country through art.