Founder – Raffaella Galliani

Raffaella Galliani is the mom of Speakitaly NYC and she is also one of the main teachers at the center. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Languages and Literatures, a Master of Arts in Teaching Italian for foreigners, and has many certifications in Translation, Linguistic, and Glottodidactic of Romance Languages. She is also a prospect 2021 NYU MA graduate in Foreign Language Education. Awarded the 2020 NYU Steinhardt Teaching and Learning Scholarship & Teresa V. DiLustri Aversa Fund for Foreign Language Education.

She has been a language Instructor for more than 15 years and has worked for such high-profile organizations as the US General Consulate and the University Politecnico di Milano.

Raffaella works with teenagers and adults helping them prepare for examinations. She is an Official examiner for the CELI (Università per stranieri di Perugia), Ditals II certified (Certificate of Proficiency in Italian Language, Instruction from the Università degli Studi di Siena) . Raffaella’s native language is Italian however she is also fluent in English, French, and Spanish. She is a certified a translator for the General Consulate of Italy in New York as well as the translator for many purposes such as subtitling part of the last Michael Moore’s documentary “ Where to invade next “ and the Apple App for the Olympics in London.

“Speakitaly NYC has a rich personality that wants to expand along the way with the aim to get to New Yorkers’ hearts. This is the result of a long work made with strong passion, deep motivation, and, above all, with a sincere love for what I do in life. Here is my hope for a new attractive chapter for Italian in New York City. Everybody aboard, we are ready!”


Our Team: Chiara - Teacher


 (Adult Program Coordinator)

CHIARA B. holds a Bachelor and Master Degree in Communication and Literature from the University of Tor Vergata in Rome. She is native Italian and speaks English, Spanish, and French fluently. She is able to understand quickly needs and expectations while engaging her students in fun educational activities and interactive content during her classes, especially with children. She empathizes with students and she loves to pass the knowledge through a variety of teaching techniques aim to guide students along their learning path. Chiara has been teaching both Italian and English for 10 years to adults and children.


(Children Program Coordinator)

VALENTINA is a native Italian speaker born in Parma , fluent in English and Spanish. She holds a degree in Early Education and has a 9 year experience with children. She started as a teacher in Italian daycare for three years and then moved to the States to be an Aupair and teach italian. She interacts with books, songs, games and interesting activities. They learn, they have fun! In her free time she loves to volunteer and has been part of hospitals’ clownterapy for more than 6 years . She has Immense love and caring for children. Moms, you can’t go wrong with her!

Our Team:  Riccardo - Teacher


RICCARDO was born in Bologna, one of Italy’s food capitals. He holds a a bachelor degree from the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU and a Master from New School. He has a 20 year experience in the field and he also teach as Adj. Professor of Italian, Italian Cinema and Literature at John Jay College and Hofstra University. He works as well as journalist, food critic, marketer, chef ,and collaborates with government agencies as teacher and translator. He creates LGBT, cultural and literature courses for schools. He also prepares people who want to apply for Italian universities and to enroll in Italian studies programs. He is one in a million!


FRANCESCA D.M. is a native Italian speaker from Rome, with a language and communication background. She is fluent in Spanish and French, and a graduate of La Sapienza University of Rome and University of Lille, in Italian Literature, and a Master’s Degree in Journalism & Communication, with honors. She has an extensive previous teaching experience in Italian and Spanish, as well as Literature. She worked nearly a decade as an investigative TV journalist and anchorwoman for the largest Italian news broadcasting company. She is passionate and devoted to her job and she holds a set of unique communication skills and experience. She also teaches Italian diction and public speaking.

Our Team:  Tiziana - Teacher


TIZIANA is a native Italian speaker from Milan. She has a language and communication background and is a certified ESL teacher. Tiziana has spent her professional life between Italy, the UK and now New York and while working as a team manager and business developer for the UK Department of Trade and Industry first, she has continued to pursue her passion for teaching and for language projects. Her bilingualism, educational and professional background makes her very emphatic to the needs of the learner. She has worked with students of all ages and is the mother of an 11-year-old boy. Tiziana’s love of teaching and mentoring comes from the love of learning, communicating and transmitting the beauty of culture and knowledge through the language. She considers herself a life long learner and never stops exploring and experiencing.

Our Team: Izzi Teacher


CHIARA I. is a Native Italian Speaker and a highly qualified language tutor born and raised in Southern Italy. Her education training includes a Master of Music Degree at one of the most prominent Italian Conservatories of Music, and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication and Media. As a summa cum laude graduate, she is a skilled language teacher with more than 6 years of experience that involves a consistent dedication, instructing students representing a wide range of abilities. Her language students have gone on to develop a deep love of Italian culture, realizing their own potential.


GIULIA is originally from Florence, Italy. After graduating from a Linguistic Secondary School in 2016, she decided to move to New York City to attend college.  She graduated in Acting while she worked as an Italian-English translator for The Florence Theatre Academy, as well as a tour guide for the Duomo in Florence, and tutoring Italian students. She has a passion for children education, and her innovative approach that includes TPR activities, music, and theatre for children is engaging on any level. She has extensive experience teaching Italian also as a babysitter and Au Pair.  Giulia’s acting background is a great asset in working with children, that always love her outgoing personality and the ability of keeping them focused and on task.


FRANCESCA R.  was born and raised in Milan where she completed her Bachelor in Foreign Languages and Translation in 2016, and she is currently enrolled in a Master’s program in Teaching Italian to Foreigners. She has three years of experience in teaching and creating curricula for children and adults. Before coming to the US, she was an ESL teacher for both children and adults. She is driven to share her beautiful language and culture with whoever wants to learn. Federico Fellini, a famous Italian director, said: “a different language is a different vision of life”, and there is nothing more rewarding than using all my passion and creativity to enrich and color new visions. In her free time, she loves drawing, in fact, she is part of the core team of Speakitaly Material Creator.


MARTINA is a native Italian speaker, she was born and raised in the city of Pescara, Abruzzo, on the Adriatic coast of Italy. She did her undergraduate and Master’s studies at the University of Bologna, receiving degrees in Political Science and Anthropology. She began teaching Italian to foreign students while at university, and having developed a passion for this work, she became a certified DITALS II Teacher in 2007. She then received a Master’s degree in Pedagogy and Promotion of the Italian Language and Culture from the University of Venice, Ca’Foscari. She is also an official CELI (University of Perugia) examiner. She worked as an Italian teacher for almost 10 years.  Martina’s teaching approach is focused on getting students, even as beginners, comfortable in speaking the language. She loves connecting students to the Italian culture and believes that culture is the gateway to a lifelong passion for language.



ANNABELLE is a native New Yorker but began visiting Italy as a teenager to study Visual Arts and Art History and continued to return and study Italian for the next ten years. After completing a degree in Language and Culture with a focus in Italian and Spanish, she went on to study linguistics, translation, and pedagogy at Roma Tre University in Rome, and then earned her Master’s in Italian Studies and Sociolinguistics at Georgetown University. As an artist, Annabelle loves to employ creative methods of teaching in her classes. She is passionate about all things Italian and has experience teaching adults, adolescents and children.

ESL- English as a Second Language


HELOISE teaches English and French as a second language and has over 10 years of experience with all ages and levels. She is originally from Paris and London, holds a BA in English literature and philosophy and a MFA in playwriting. Heloise was lucky to receive a bilingual education and upbringing and also speaks Spanish and Italian fluently. Heloise is passionate about the transmission of languages and culture. She enjoys teaching children and opening up their minds to other horizons while also helping adults reach their language skill goals. Heloise is passionate about theatre, literature and poetry and is always keen to incorporate them in her curriculum.

Office & Customer Service


MICHELA is originally from Milan but has spent the past 10 years abroad, first in Singapore and then in the US. She has a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Communication and Marketing. She is native Italian and speaks English and Spanish. She has over 20 years of experience in Communication, Public Relations, and Customer Support having worked in a PR agency, a Banking Company, a Cultural Event Company, and a Travel Agency dealing with different customers with the goal of listening to their requests and making sure that they always receive the top-quality service they deserve. She, therefore, understands quickly clients’ needs and expectations and her goal is to always find a solution that suits each individual. She is always full of energy and can’t stand still: she workouts each day, is passionate about health and fitness, and is a proud adoptive mom.