Group Classes for Children – Giardino dei Mezzi-Grandi/ ONLINE



Group Classes for Children – Giardino dei Mezzi-Grandi (age 8-10)


Spring  2023

Full Term 16 weeks (excluding national holidays)

Our class is designed to help your children to learn and understand grammar, write and read in Italian. (4 to 6 participants). Keeping students who are 6-12 years old focused can be challenging so we are doing our best to make every lesson engaging. Organized around theme-based units, interactive exercises, and games, our course emphasizes communicative abilities and vocabulary building as well as listening, reading, writing, pronunciation, and basic grammar skills.



Feb 27 March 6-13-20-27 April 3-[No 10]-17-24 May 1-8-15-22-[No 29] June 5-12-19-26

Feb 7-14-[No 21]-28 March 7-14-[No 21]-28 April 4-[No 11]-18-25 May 2- 9-16-23-30 June 6-13

Feb 15-[No 22] March 1-8-15-22-29 April 5-[No 12]-19-26 May 3-10-17-24-31 June 7-14

Feb 9-16-[No 23] March 2-9-16-23-30 April [No 6-13]-20-27 May 4-11-18-25 June 1-8-15

Feb 17-[No 24] March 3-10-17-24-31 April [No 7-14]-21-28 May 5-12-19-26 June 2-9-16-23

Feb 11-18 [No 25] March 4-11-18-25 April 1-[No 8-15]-22-29 May 6-13-20-[No 27] June 3-10-17-24



  • Absolute Beginner – Introduction to Italian. This group class is for absolute beginners. Your child has never studied Italian. He/She will be exposed to the Italian Language through the basics of our Italian Grammar by writing, reading and comprehension
  • Beginner – Your child knows some Italian vocabulary but despite a good understanding, he/she still struggles to communicate orally in a spontaneous way. In this class the teacher will speak only in Italian to allow your child to get more and more familiar with the language and help him/her to eventually respond/speak in Italian. 
  • High Beginner Your child already knows the basics of Italian grammar for beginners and we will help them to improve it more. 
  • Native Level – If your child is a (like) native Italian speaker, this is the right class.


**For all levels: Topics from prior lessons are reviewed at the beginning of each session. A new topic is introduced every week.