Search for Italian Records JM

In order to apply for citizenship, you need your estratto di matrimonio. We can order it for you here.The total cost to find and deliver a certificate is $125. If the document is from Milano or Roma there might be some additional fees.

Please Note: If you make a mistake with your order, you have 1 business day to provide the new info

Information Required to Begin
When you submit your request, you will be asked to provide the following details:

  • The FIRST and LAST name of the spouses
  • The DATE of the marriage
  • The name of the TOWN or CITY in ITALY where the marriage took place.
  • If you have a copy, please send it to us

The response time varies from city to city (over 8,000 in Italy), but in most cases, we receive requested certificates within 6-8 weeks. If there are mistakes in the information you send, we will likely receive notification of No Records Found.