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Italian Student Visa

If you want to study in Italy, you must decide in advance how long you intend to stay if less than three months a student visa is not necessary as you can enter Italy as a tourist. (ATTENTION: citizens of Belarus, Bosnia- Herzegovina, China, Colombia, North Macedonia, Georgia, Morocco, Peru, Serbia and Montenegro, Romania, Russia, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, and Ukraine all must obtain a tourist visa).
If you intend to stay more than three months, you must request a student visa at the Italian Embassy or Consulate in the US.

For the student visa request the following documentation has to be presented at the Italian consulate/embassy:

  • valid passport
  • Enrollment certificate to a course - minimum 80 hours a month 
  • proof of financial means: submit a letter or bank statement, indicating account balance (at least € 1000 per month of stay in Italy is required)
  • international health insurance 
  • proof of suitable accommodation
  • confirmed flight reservation

  • We can help you in picking the right schools, we have several with whom we partnered and to translate the necessary documents (visit our page here) you will need to successfully apply for your visa 
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