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Under the Italian Law Italian-born women, and women of Italian descent, could only transmit Italian citizenship to their sons and daughters born after 1948 (year of the Italian constitution, which established that women and men have equal rights). Your request for citizenship can only be be successful through a judicial proceeding (your presence in Italy won’t be required).

What our lawyer says:

“The probability to attain citizenship via the courts in Italy is extremely high for the following reasons.

– Courts always granted Italian citizenship in all the lawsuits that started this and last year and the Italian government is not representing itself in court anymore (no counter claims, no legal representation) –in nearly all the new trials started this and last year, judges assigned to the cases were the same that granted the citizenship in the previous cases won by our firm.”

Please note that despite the relevant number of cases won in this field, there is not the guarantee to win the lawsuit as the Italian legal system allows Courts to decide differently from the jurisprudence set in a certain time (though this scenario is extremely unlikely as Courts tend to adhere to consolidated previous jurisprudence).

The timeline from the beginning of the legal proceeding in Italy is normally 1.5 / 2 years. That does not depend on our counsel and it’s merely due to the poor organization of the Italian public offices. Your presence in inlay is not required at any time. Additional family members can join the trial at the same time.

The fee for the lawyer is 4500€ (not US dollars) for applicant. Additional 250€ for each additional immediate family member (siblings, parents or adult children), and €300 for each additional non-immediate family member (aunts, uncles, cousins).


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