Group Classes for Children – Giardino dei Piccoli / ONLINE

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Group Classes for Children – Giardino dei Piccoli (age 4-5)


Fall  2024

Full Term 15-17 weeks (excluding national holidays)

Start an exciting Italian language journey through a diverse range of engaging activities that naturally foster language acquisition. Our curriculum strikes a harmonious balance between teacher-led activities and the unique interests of our children, empowering them to actively shape the course and format of their learning. Recognizing that children up to the age of 4 spend the majority of their time playing, we seize this valuable opportunity to create a cognitive and social experience that seamlessly integrates language development. As advocates of holistic education, we also promote enriching extracurricular activities, including cooking and creativity, art, which further enhance language learning in a fun and interactive manner. At this tender age, learning through play becomes the cornerstone of successful education, offering students the chance to practice what they are learning in imaginative and creative ways. Join us today and discover how we transform language learning into an immersive and joy-filled adventure.


  • Monday 4-5PM – starting 9/16 (15 Weeks)
  • Thursday 3:45-4:45 PM – starting 9/19 (15 Weeks)


*** 1 Make Up Class available at the end of the semester (Week of Feb 3rd)



Absolute Beginner – Introduction to Italian
This group class is for absolute beginners. Your child has never studied Italian. He/She will be exposed to the Italian Language and learn the basics through pedagogical games, books,songs and simple art projects that will stimulate their attention.

Beginner – Your child knows some Italian vocabulary but despite a good understanding, he/she still struggles to communicate orally in a spontaneous way. In this class the teacher will speak only in Italian to allow your child to get more and more familiar with the language and help him/her to eventually respond/speak in Italian.

High Beginner – Your child already knows the basics and we will help them to improve it more.

Native Level – If your child is a (like) native Italian speaker, this is the right class.

**For all levels: Topics from prior lessons are reviewed at the beginning of each session. A new topic is introduced every week.

MONDAYS 15 weeks
SEP 16-23-30 Oct 7-[No 14]-21-28 Nov 4-[No 11]-18-25 Dec 2-9-16-[No 23-30] Jan 6-13-[No 20]-27
TUESDAYS 17 weeks
SEP 17-24 Oct 1-8-15-22-29 Nov [No 5]-12-19-26 Dec 3-10-17-[No 24-31] Jan 7-14-21-28
SEP 18-25 Oct 2-9-16-23-30 Nov 6-13-20-[No 27] Dec 4-11-18 [No 25] Jan [No 1]-8-15-22-29
THURSDAYS 15 weeks
SEP 19-26 Oct [No 3]-10-17-24-[No 31] Nov 7-14-21-[No 28] Dec 5-12-19-[No 26] Jan [No 2]-9-16-23-30
FRIDAYS 15 weeks
SEP 20-27 Oct [No 4]-11-18-25 Nov [No 1]-8-15-22-[No 29] Dec 6-13-20-[No 27] Jan [No 3]-10-17-24-31
SATURDAYS 15 weeks
SEP 21-28 Oct 5-[No 12]-19-26 Nov 2-9-16-23-[No 30] Dec 7-14-[No 21-28] Jan [No 4]-11-18-25-Feb 1