Group Classes for Children – Giardino dei Piccolissimi / ONLINE



Group Classes for Children – Giardino dei Piccolissimi (age 2-3)


Fall  2023

Full Term 19 weeks (excluding national holidays)

Introducing children under the age of 4 to the captivating world of Italian. Through a seamless flow of engaging activities, we make language learning a natural and joyous experience. With the enchantment of songs, the magic of musical instruments, the excitement of language games, and the freedom of creative activities, children are drawn into a world where Italian comes alive. Each week, children and their parents/caregivers will not only create beautiful art projects together but also forge cherished memories while learning new vocabulary. 

*Parents stay during this class 

** Because of the age group, all levels are welcome.



  • Wednesdays 4:30-5:30 PM | All levels

Sing, Read, and Color in Italian / Immerse your children in a captivating Italian experience where they will learn through songs, storytelling, and art projects. Our program is a harmonious blend of activities, where music, stories, and visuals play a powerful role in the learning process. As they participate in manipulative, sensory, and creative projects, kids will not only remember vocabulary but also be transported to a magical world of fairy tales. Engaging and exciting, our Italian time offers a fun and immersive approach that sparks their imagination and facilitates learning



MONDAYS (17 weeks)
Sept 18 [No 25] Oct 2-[No 9]-16-23-30 Nov 6-13-20-27 Dec 4-11-18-[No 25] Jan [No 1]-8-[No15]-22-29 Feb 5-12
TUESDAYS (19 weeks)
Sept 19-26 Oct 3-10-17-24-[No 31] Nov 7-14-21-28 Dec 5-12-19-[No 26] Jan [No 2]-9-16-23-30 Feb 6-13
WEDNESDAYS (19 weeks)
Sept 20-27 Oct 4-11-18-25 Nov 1-8-15-[No 22]-29 Dec 6-13-20-[No 27] Jan [No 3]-10-17-24-31 Feb 7-14
THURSDAYS (19 weeks)
Sept 21-28 Oct 5-12-19-26 Nov 2-9-16-[No 23]-30 Dec 7-14-21-[No 28] Jan [No 4]- 11-18-25 Feb 1-8-15
FRIDAYS (17 weeks)
Sept 22-29 Oct 6-13-20-27 Nov 3-[No 10]-17-[No 24] Dec 1-8-15 [No 22-29] Jan [No 5]-12-19-26 Feb 2-9-16
SATURDAYS (17 weeks)
Sept 23-30 Oct 7-14-21-28 Nov 4-[No 11]-18-[No 25] Dec 2-9-16-[No 23-30] Jan [No 6]-13-20-27 Feb 3-10-17