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    Cancellation Policy


    When a project is commissioned, the order cannot be canceled unless the cancellation email is received within 15 minutes.

    If a document is rejected and needs to be submitted again, the commissioner must pay for new associated fees. We are not responsible if you submit an old record or a wrong version of the record

    For Record Search: If the information provided turns out to be incorrect SpeakItaly will bill for a new search. It is your responsibility to make sure it is all correct .

    If you pay for translations, you are responsible to provide us with the correct documents and you must be responsible to tell us what you want Speakitaly NYC to do.

    Once the translation is completed, you are responsible for a final review before receiving a signed copy. We don’t use softwares, so human errors can be present

    Cils and Celi Exam fee is non refundable. If you have a medical emergency, we can try to submit your request to the issuing University but we cannot guarantee they will accept your request.

    The data and documents that you provide will be used exclusively to be translated and to obtain documents if you need to be assisted in retrieval of documents

    Any of the data that we will collect from you shall be used in a correct, lawful, and transparent manner in order to protect your privacy.

    If you have a scheduled consultation, it can be rescheduled one time if the note is received no later than 36h prior to the scheduled day/time.

    For CILS and CELI certificates: We keep them for 4 weeks, after that we are not responsible to hold on to them

    For documents to pick up: you have to 2 weeks to organize the pick up otherwise they will be mailed them regular USPS

    We will not disclose any personal information to third parties except for the agencies involved in the process such as the Italian consulate, official agencies appointed by the Italian consulates and US governmental agencies that are the repositories of the vital record documents involved in the citizenship process. The exchange of the information with said entities is generally performed via email, phone or by upload on secure online platform (i.e. VitalChek)

    Under no circumstances your data is sold to third parties or used or shared with individuals or entities not involved in the process

    I have read and agree to the the cancellation policy.