Cultural, Culinary & Olive Harvest Experience in Abruzzo

Join us on a 7-day Italian cultural and culinary vacation in Abruzzo, one of the most stunning and culturally rich regions in Italy.

For anyone eager to live an immersive adventure in the Italian culture and traditions, where you really get to know the food, region, and people, your host and local guide Fabrizio, together with his family & friends, have put together amazing experiences that combine passion, beautiful places and locals to show you the best of the region’s off-the-beaten-track secrets. This is a fully escorted tour that will give you insights to daily life, food & wine, culture, and production in Abruzzo and will let you discover authentic Italy in a balanced mix of experiences, relaxation, adventure, and learning.

The highlight of this tour is the chance to experience and have fun picking olives and to visit the olive oil mill while it is working and transforming olives to award-winning extra virgin olive oils.


Live like a local and sleep in a charming ancient Roman town on the Adriatic Sea

Experience olive harvesting and learn everything about Abruzzo olive oils

Enjoy amazing landscapes that spread out from the sea to the mountains

Prepare homemade pasta and pizza with local women

Discover the fascinating trabocchi fishing huts

Explore enchanted castles

Visit Abruzzo’s acclaimed winemakers

In partnership with Italia Sweet Italia

As an Italian small tour operator deeply committed to sustainable tourism, we are dedicated to preserving the essence of Abruzzo while ensuring that our actions benefit both the environment and the local communities. At the heart of our sustainable tourism philosophy lies the belief in responsible travel – a concept that goes beyond mere exploration to encompass a deep respect for the places we visit and the people who call them home. In Abruzzo, this means embracing the principles of slow travel, supporting local farmers, and promoting social inclusion through meaningful actions for the local community.

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