Tour of the Villages: Experience Calabria

Join us for the 16th edition of the National Festival of "The Most Beautiful Villages of Italy," a celebrated annual event that shines a spotlight on the heritage, culture, and timeless beauty of Italy's 354 picturesque villages. This year, we are delighted to host the festival in the stunning region of Calabria, specifically in the charming municipalities of Oriolo and Rocca Imperiale in the province of Cosenza. These villages, nestled in the heart of Calabria, stand as a profound testament to the region’s rich historical and cultural tapestry, making them the ideal backdrop to celebrate the authenticity and splendor of Italian village life.

Throughout this extraordinary journey you will immerse yourself in a world where traditional cultures thrive and ancient practices continue to enchant. Experience the vibrancy of local festivals, indulge in authentic Calabrian street food, and sip on the unique wines of the region, such as the passito muscat of Saracena. Discover hidden rites in the secluded reaches of the Pollino area, where age-old arbëreshë and apotropaic rituals are preserved.

Calabria opens its arms to the world, inviting you to traverse the cradle of great civilizations, situated at the nexus of the Mediterranean’s two seas and three dramatic peaks. It's an invitation to awaken your senses to the wonders of Calabria.

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We curate tours to our beautiful homeland, hosting events that immerse people in the true “Calabrian experience.” We have an intimate knowledge of this land, having personally met with our trusted suppliers and lived the very experiences we offer on our tours. At Made in Calabria, we proudly stand behind the quality of every single product we offer.

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