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Explore the picturesque beauty and rich culture of the Monferrato area of Piemonte, Italy, with an exclusive tour. This unique journey promises an all-inclusive experience, from sightseeing to indulging in exquisite food and wine, touring properties, and immersing yourself in the local language.

The tour is scheduled from August 30th, 2024, to September 7th, 2024, and promises a comprehensive experience including sightseeing, food and wine experiences, property showing, and language immersion. The tour package, priced at 3,950€ per person for a double room and 4,450€ per person for a single room, is all-inclusive, except for flight expenses.

In partnership with Italian Design Workshop

We provide a full range of services. We are a New York City based Company with field offices in Italy. We are driven by passion for Italy and its culture.  From the northern majestic alpine mountain chains, across the peninsula down to the southern sun-drenched beaches, we work with passion to provide our clients with the best options on the market that fit their financial means. 

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