Group Classes for Children – You & Me Series / IN-PERSON MANHATTAN



Group Classes for Children – You & Me Series (age 6mo – 3yo)


Fall  2024

Full Term 15-17 weeks (excluding national holidays)

Designed for children aged 6 months to 2 years, our enchanting sessions blend singing, movement, storytelling, music, vocabulary games, art & crafts, and fun exercises to create a playful learning environment. Led by experienced Italian instructors, our classes respect each child’s individual pace while involving parents and caregivers. Join us in nurturing your child’s linguistic potential, fostering cultural awareness, and laying the foundation for a lifelong passion for Italian.



Esplora i sensi (Sensory Playtime) | Age 6 months-3yo

  • Tuesdays 10-11 AM – starting 9/17 (17 Weeks)

Sensory play is a type of play that activates and stimulates all children’s senses: touching, tasting, hearing, seeing, and smelling. This kind of active play helps to create connections in the brain that allow for increasingly complex thoughts and tasks.
Play also supports language development, and cognitive growth, and fosters social interaction and peer engagement.

Laboratorio D’arte (Art Lab) | Age 6 months-3yo

  • Wednesdays 11AM-12 PM – starting 9/18 (17 Weeks)

Unlock your child’s creativity while immersing them in the wonders of the Italian language through our dynamic Art Lab. From hands-on manipulation activities to engaging sensory experiences, children will have the opportunity to hear and repeat Italian vocabulary while expressing their artistic flair. Our expert teachers will guide students through each art project, providing encouraging feedback and fostering a supportive environment where children can have fun, learn, and forge new friendships with their fellow Italian learners.

Canta e Leggi (Music & Book Time) | Age 6 months-3yo

  • Thursday 10:30-11:30 AM  starting 9/19 (15 Weeks)

Our engaging classes not only enhance language proficiency but also provide a fantastic opportunity for socialization, as children dance, sing, and interact with their peers. Immerse young learners in a world of music, movement, and linguistic exploration. Through joyful songs, children will effortlessly learn important Italian vocabulary related to colors, parts of the body, animals, flowers, seasons, and more. Treat your little ones to a delightful book-time experience in Italian. Nestled in our cozy and comforting environment, your children will be transported to captivating realms as they flip through pages, daydream, and explore the magic of language. Our carefully curated sessions are tailored for children aged 6 mo-3 yo, offering an engaging atmosphere that stimulates their growing minds. 

*Parents and/or caregivers must stay during this class. 

** Language/Level: absolute beginner/ beginner / high beginner / native 

*** 1 Make Up Class available at the end of the semester (Week of Feb 3rd)

MONDAYS 15 weeks
Sept 16-23-30 Oct 7-[No 14]-21-28 Nov 4-[No 11]-18-25 Dec 2-9-16-[No 23-30] Jan 6-13-[No 20]-27
TUESDAYS 17 weeks
Sept 17-24 Oct 1-8-15-22-29 Nov [No 5]-12-19-26 Dec 3-10-17-[No 24-31] Jan 7-14-21-28
Sept 18-25 Oct 2-9-16-23-30 Nov 6-13-20-[No 27] Dec 4-11-18 [No 25] Jan [No 1]-8-15-22-29
THURSDAYS 15 weeks
Sept 19-26 Oct [No 3]-10-17-24-[No 31] Nov 7-14-21-[No 28] Dec 5-12-19-[No 26] Jan [No 2]-9-16-23-30
FRIDAYS 15 weeks
Sept 20-27 Oct [No 4]-11-18-25 Nov [No 1]-8-15-22-[No 29] Dec 6-13-20-[No 27] Jan [No 3]-10-17-24-31
SATURDAYS 15 weeks
Sept 21-28 Oct 5-[No 12]-19-26 Nov 2-9-16-23-[No 30] Dec 7-14-[No 21-28] Jan [No 4]-11-18-25-Feb 1