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Group Classes for Children – You & Me Series (age 6mo – 3yo)


Fall  2023

Full Term 19 weeks (excluding national holidays)

Designed for children aged 6 months to 2 years, our enchanting sessions blend singing, movement, storytelling, music, vocabulary games, art & crafts, and fun exercises to create a playful learning environment. Led by experienced Italian instructors, our classes respect each child’s individual pace while involving parents and caregivers. Join us in nurturing your child’s linguistic potential, fostering cultural awareness, and laying the foundation for a lifelong passion for Italian.

*Parents and/or caregivers must stay during this class.


  • Sing, Read, and Color in Italian
    Wednesdays 4:30-5:30 PM
    Age 1-3yo

Immerse your children in a captivating Italian experience where they will learn through songs, storytelling, and art projects. Our program is a harmonious blend of activities, where music, stories, and visuals play a powerful role in the learning process. As they participate in manipulative, sensory, and creative projects, kids will not only remember vocabulary but also be transported to a magical world of fairy tales. Engaging and exciting, our Italian time offers a fun and immersive approach that sparks their imagination and facilitates learning


MONDAYS (17 weeks)
Sept 18 [No 25] Oct 2-[No 9]-16-23-30 Nov 6-13-20-27 Dec 4-11-18-[No 25] Jan [No 1]-8-[No15]-22-29 Feb 5-12
TUESDAYS (19 weeks)
Sept 19-26 Oct 3-10-17-24-[No 31] Nov 7-14-21-28 Dec 5-12-19-[No 26] Jan [No 2]-9-16-23-30 Feb 6-13
WEDNESDAYS (19 weeks)
Sept 20-27 Oct 4-11-18-25 Nov 1-8-15-[No 22]-29 Dec 6-13-20-[No 27] Jan [No 3]-10-17-24-31 Feb 7-14
THURSDAYS (19 weeks)
Sept 21-28 Oct 5-12-19-26 Nov 2-9-16-[No 23]-30 Dec 7-14-21-[No 28] Jan [No 4]- 11-18-25 Feb 1-8-15
FRIDAYS (17 weeks)
Sept 22-29 Oct 6-13-20-27 Nov 3-[No 10]-17-[No 24] Dec 1-8-15 [No 22-29] Jan [No 5]-12-19-26 Feb 2-9-16
SATURDAYS (17 weeks)
Sept 23-30 Oct 7-14-21-28 Nov 4-[No 11]-18-[No 25] Dec 2-9-16-[No 23-30] Jan [No 6]-13-20-27 Feb 3-10-17