Lunch Break in Italian – ONLINE


Lunch Break in Italian – ONLINE

Picture yourself immersing in lively discussions over a virtual lunch break, exploring a myriad of topics ranging from culture, travel, art, and music, to current events. It’s not just about learning Italian; it’s about experiencing the language firsthand and delving into the rich tapestry of Italian life and culture.

These conversation classes are crafted to complement any existing courses you’re taking with us. Whether you’re a beginner eager to put your newfound vocabulary into practice or an advanced learner seeking to refine your fluency, “Lunch Break in Italian” offers the perfect platform to hone your conversational skills.

What makes these sessions special is their bite-sized format: 50 minutes once a week, conveniently scheduled to fit into your busy day. Join us online, and let’s embark on a linguistic journey together, fueled by the passion for the Italian language and culture. Discount available for currently active students only. Use promo code PROMOSSO at checkout for 20% off.


Classes meet online once a week for 50 minutes (5 weeks)

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