(About Us)

Uno, due, tre... Have you ever wanted to learn another language?

That's just what our founder Raffaella Galliani wanted to do as a young woman, not only has she mastered a second language other than her native tounge but she is currently fluent in four languages Italian, English, Spanish and French.

As a student with the love of learning new languages she has developed key approaches that have helped her go from a navice to fluency.

Raffaella is always enhancing her personal knowledge through training she stays current with new technologies, new books, and other new resources available to help in the learning experience.

With an equal love for teaching, Raffaella has been teaching for over ten years.

Speakitaly NYC was created to help take the learning experience to another level, focusing not only on the basics, but on real life conversations and experiences which is what really sets us apart from other language institutes.

We proudly use the 'Common European Framework of Reference for languages' as our guidelines for our online and offline courses, this framework allows us to work with students from around the world with the confidence that they are in the best course level for optimal learning of their new language.

Our goal is to help those in the community really embrace not only the true culture in Italy but the Italian culture within New York City... Who doesn't love what Italy represent in the kitchen, in history & in the arts.

Raffaella Galliani holds a
Bachelor of Arts in
Foreign Languages & Literatures
and Master in
Linguistic, Literatures
and Translation at Università
degli Studi di Roma “La Sapienza”,

Raffaella Galliani, Founder of Speakitaly NYC
Key works include:
  • US Embassy
  • Università Bocconi & Politecnico di Milano
  • Recommended translater by the New York Italian Consulate
  • Michael Moore Documenetary
  • Expo 2015 Milan Proofreader
  • Museum Of Natural History
Certificate & Education:
  • Ditals II Certification
  • Celi Examiner

Speakitaly NYC's Teachers


VALERIA a mom of two girls (9 and 5) was born in Italy and now lives in NY where she has been for the past 5 years. She is Passionate about Italian languages & literature and is fascinated by the classical world. Valeria graduated in ancient letters and specializes in Archeology with three years of study between Athens and Italy. Studying is her passion so then she enrolled at the University again; graduating from the Science of Education. After 10 years of working for a company in Milan as a consultant in communication, she moved with her family to NY where she has devoted herself to teaching Italian to foreigners. This is followed by the Dital II enrollment at the University of Siena and also the second-language teacher certification in the State of NY. She greatly enjoys teaching and for years she has successfully worked with several schools throughout NY. Valeria is a passionate teacher who, therefore, succeeds in transmitting love for language and Italian grammar by focusing on the communicative and interactive aspect of teaching.


FLAVIA​ ​is a native Italian speaker​ born in Agrigento, she is also fluent in English. She graduated at the Università di Lettere e Filosofia of Palermo. She has been teaching Italian for 4 years to children and adults. She is a passionate and enthusiastic individual with great love for the language and her country. She gives a positive and fun approach to learning the Italian language while also providing the support students need to thrive. Flavia has a pleasant and encouraging teaching manner that has proved to be very popular with her students. She truly enjoys teaching Italian and it's her passion.


SOLE is a native bilingual (Italian/English) speaker and has studied in both Italy and the U.S. She holds a doctorate from the University of California, Berkeley and her academic research focuses on gender, race and immigration in contemporary Italian literature and cinema. Sole is currently a visiting professor of Italian studies at Wesleyan University. She is a devoted teacher with over ten years of experience in the classroom and in private lessons; she enjoys working with children and adults of all ages. Drawing on her own passion for cooking, cinema and literature, she has developed classes that focus on Italian culture with hands-on lessons for the kitchen or the theater.

Maria Luisa

MARIA LUISA was born and raised in Italy where she went on to study and obtain a PhD in Rhetoric and Literary studies. Before moving to the US and becoming a specialist in teaching Italian as a second language, she taught students Latin, Greek and Italian in Italy. Maria obtained her DITALS qualification from Università per stranieri di Siena and is OPI (oral proficiency interviewer) for ACTFL USA. Aside from teaching, she has worked as a proofreader, copywriter, translator and as an independent consultant for Silicon Valley companies. Maria Luisa loves teaching Italian and spreading love for Italy and the Italian culture among everyone.